These FAQ’s are meant for information only and is not meant to replace the advice of your GP or other health providers. Please speak to your pharmacist or doctor before making any changes to your medication and/or lifestyle if appropriate.

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Can I use CBD if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

During pregnancy CBD containing products are NOT recommended.

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Can I take CBD Oil with other medication?

When it comes to taking CBD with other medications, we only ever advise one thing- if you are unsure, check with a medical professional before using it as it can, on occasion, interact with other medicines. Always stick to the recommended dose too and if you are taking other meds keep a two hour window between taking CBD and whatever else you take.

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Is CBD Oil addictive?

Just because the cannabis plant can be known for recreational use that does not mean that it automatically makes it addictive. It is true however that you can become addicted to cannabis but what about CBD, which is made from the other cannabis plant which is hemp.

CBD is categorically not addictive, so let your worries fade away!

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Is CBD Legal?

CBD is legal, because hemp is legal in the UK. Hemp is a plant that is safe, natural, and non-toxic. It can be used for almost anything. There need not to be any grey areas when it comes to CBD.

When it comes to cannabis, however, it is still illegal to use it or possess it. Maybe this is why people tend to get confused. Cannabidiol (CBD) though, is not considered a controlled substance in the UK. It is therefore 100% legal and can be freely distributed in the UK without restrictions.

If you want to use CBD products it is TOTALLY legal to do so.

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What is CBD?

The two main ingredients that are found in the marijuana plant are CBD and THC. Together these both belong to a class of compounds known as cannabinoids.

Most of the CBD used as a food supplement is found in the least processed form of the cannabis plant. It is known as hemp. Marijuana and hemp come from the same plant, but are entirely different.

CBD is known as a non-psychoactive cannabinoid meaning when you take it, it won’t get you high – this unique feature of CBD is what makes it so appealing for taking care of ourselves.

Brays Sweets has been manufacturing confectionery for over 150 years and retain a reputation for quality within the industry. CBD sweets are our latest addition and are made once again to our exacting quality standards.

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