The Truth About CBD

womanandhome JUNE 2020 Page 111

The catch-all product of the moment-CBD-promises relief from chronic pain, sleep disorders and anxiety. So, what are the benefits?

SLEEP – A study found that compared with psychiatric medication, CBD was more sussessful for sleep and anxiety disorders.

STRESS and DEPRESSION – Research found that patients reported an 89.3% improvement in depression symptoms and a reduced total of 93.5% in anxiety after taking CBD. The study found that woman perceived a greater reduction in anxiety symptoms than men.

PAIN -The use of CBD has been linked to pain relief, and another study found CBD oil can help ease the pain of multiple sclerosis and cancer.

MENOPAUSE – It disrupts the ECD and there are cannabinoid receptors throughout the reproductive system, so CBD oil may help with symptoms. One study confirmed a success rate of more than 78% in reducing anxiety-related problems, and 66% for depression.

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